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Members of the CECEM decided to establish Fund for Community Development to support projects and activities to be developed with the people-centred, creative, innovative and transparent approaches which have been trained and applied in the training courses and consultancy projects conducted by CECEM.

Programs and projects to be supported by this Fund are those which are in line with the mission and strategies of the CECEM, i.e. to contribute of the development of the communities and society, as well as to improve the living standards of the current and coming generations, through development of human resources.

The buget resource of CECEM’s Fund for Community Development comes from the revenues of the Centre after spendings for administrtion and development of training programs.

In 2007, contribution to this Fund for the community development activities were 220,000,000 VND.

Project: Community Development

To develop a people-centred community development model with such modern approaches as: developing socio-economic development plan based on the development vision and available opportunities, strengthening the activeness and responsibility of the community as ownership partner in the sustainable development process.

- Implement successfully a commune-level community development project through strengthening capacity for the leaders and community in skills of developing, managing and implementing a successful development programs.
- Support finance to increase the effectiveness in the implementation of the development programs
- Evaluate the results of the pilot model for lessons learnt for further replication

Key activities:
- Improving the awareness and attitude of the grassroots leaders and the villagers in people-centred community development.
- Training for grassroots leaders in community analysis, planning, fundraising, coordination for implementation and monitoring, evaluation of commune-level development programs
- Providing hands-on training/technical support for commune and village leaders to successfully implement the above mentioned activities.
- Providing information, consultancy and assisting in linking the community and –potential donors
- Providing small donation to support increase effectiveness for the village/commune level development programs.

This project is being implemented in partnership with People Committee of Dung Liet commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province. In the project framework, core leaders of the commune and villages have been trained supported to analyzing and planning participatory development activities.

Project: “Parents Support Parents”

By the end of 2007, Save Children Sweden (SCS) and the admin group of the Parenting Website presented CECEM an idea of using high quality capacity building services of CECEM for the project Parents Support Parents in Hanoi.

Aware of the good and broad impacts probably made to the future generations, as well as consideration of in current budget limitation of the project management team, CECEM decided to co-sponsor the project with SCS, and provide technical assistance to set up an independent lecturers who are able to facilitate sustainably the application of positive children education skills.

The project aims to help parents and children carers in the target area (Dong Da district and members in the Parenting Forum) to effectively apply positive children education skills, contributing to ensure the children’s rights from body violence and help children to develop their maximum competency.

- Develop a core parent group with training capacity and assistance to other parents in applying positive education methods
- Support development of management competency for the admin team of the Parenting website to successfully set up a self-managing organisation with capacity of sustainable development and expansion of training for parents.

Key activities:
- Training and supporting the core parent group in applying the learners-centred teaching method
- Training and supporting the coordination group in implementing project management and organization management activities, including: development of institutional strategies, development of human resource development, development of management information system, program development and fundraising
- Consulting in visibility building and network development
- Providing information and supporting linkage with potential donors
- Support finance for capacity building in the framework of the project.


Objective: Increase the opportunities in accessing high quality training activities for individuals and organizations in country who work in development or have special influence to community development.

Target groups: individuals and organizations in country who meet the following criteria:
- Work in development field, or have special influence to the community development process
- Have need in capacity building which is appropriate to the objective of work effectiveness improvement and contribute to the common development objective of the community
- Have no access, or difficulty in accessing, necessary financial support resources for capacity building
- Have positive attitude to the learning and application of learned content into reality.

Key activities:
- Providing full, or partial, fellowship to CECEM training courses

Individuals and organizations in need of fellowship should clarify the need in capacity building for the individuals/organizations; the training course/learning activity applied for support, and support rate. All letters should be sent to: