About us

Differences in CECEM’s service  

Standard working procedures (needs analysis, design, constant evaluation and improvements and action planning for follow-up activities) ensures high quality training and consultancy services. Our clear policies on fees help to minimise time for negotiating contracts.

Combination of theories and practice:

CECEM’s training and consultancy programmes are developed on the basis of international knowledge and experiences tested and adapted for the Vietnamese context. We offer our clients up-to-date international knowledge and Vietnamese best practices in development.

A focus on practice and transfer of learning:
Hands-on practice makes up at least 50% of training time. CECEM training emphasises the applicability of knowledge and skills to real life work. During CECEM’s consultancies, our staff transfer knowledge and skills to staff of the contracting organisation so that they can independently carry out a part or all of the consultancy assignment in the future.

Prioritizing and accommodating participants’ needs:

CECEM’s training courses are designed based on a comprehensive assessment of participants’ needs. Our trainers consider the learning needs of each individual participant and provide support accordingly. CECEM also provides follow-up activities to support participants’ application of their learning to work.