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CECEM’s staff  

Almost members of CECEM hold Master Degree which major in one of CECEM’s training and consulting areas. CECEM’s members have ever participated in managing development projects. Therefore, all members of CECEM are able to use a diversified theory framework system to design training and consulting activities.

All trainers and consultants of CECEM have working experience in the training contents. Their academic knowledge gained from Master programmes has been verified through consulting activities in Vietnam. All of consulting activities such as project monitoring and evaluation, training needs assessment, human resource management system building etc. asserted that CECEM’s consultants have lively examples in each training content

Administrative staff


Board of advisors


Lưu Minh Đức

BA in Economics


Phí Thùy Linh

BA in Business Administration/ Human Resources Management


Nguyễn Thị Thu Hương

BA in Law and Accounting