Project monitoring and evaluation  



Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to develop a participatory monitoring and evaluation system and coordinate project monitoring and implementation effectively, ensuring the achievement of project goals and objectives.


This course is designed for project officers and counterparts who are responsible for project management and implementation.


After completing the training course, participants will be able to:


§      Develop a project monitoring and evaluation system which is agreed upon by stakeholders. Participants will be able to facilitate stakeholders to clarify project goals and objectives, agree on indicators, develop monitoring and evaluation plans and divide up monitoring responsibilities

§      Use organisational and lobbying skills to develop a support network and to coordinate stakeholders in implementing the project plan

§      Use participatory monitoring and evaluation tools such as mapping, historical charts, spider webs, cause and effect trees, semi-structured interviews, checklist-based observation and direct feedback

§     Design a monitoring exercise based on the overall monitoring plan and project plan. The design includes monitoring objectives, monitoring activities, a time frame and roles of stakeholders

§      Implement a monitoring exercise successfully: collect information from different stakeholders, analyse monitoring findings and use monitoring analysis effectively

§      Use facilitation and coaching skills to build capacity of stakeholders in monitoring and evaluation


The course will use one case study in all training sessions so that the participants can practice new knowledge and skills. The exercises will follow a sequence that links the training sessions. Under the guidance of the trainers, the participants will develop a monitoring and evaluation system and implement a 2-day participatory monitoring exercise in a project area






Ha Noi


10.200.000 VNĐ

(excluding food, accommodation and travel)


Training period :

5 days

14 - 18/5/2012

10 - 14/9/2012