Project design and proposal writing  

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to design feasible projects that address the needs of a community. Participants will also be able to write project proposals that interest donors.


This course is designed for project managers, project officers and members of project management boards.


After completing the training course, participants will be able to:


§      Identify feasible project goals and objectives that address priorities and needs of a community, after analysing the community’s situations using tools such as problem trees and vision trees

§      Develop sustainable project outcomes and cost-effective activities that ensure the achievement of project goals and objectives

§      Develop a set of indicators that measures project impacts and progress while ensuring the consensus of stakeholders

§      Identify relevant monitoring and evaluation methods for different types of project

§      Develop a project management structure that ensures transparency and accountability, and relevant personnel for management positions

§      Analyse project proposals from stakeholders’ and donors’ perspectives to ensure that their priorities are met. Analysis will focus on gender equality, participation of stakeholders, beneficiaries’ rights, etc

§      Use planning tools to develop implementation, monitoring and evaluation plans and budgets that are conducive for project coordination and monitoring

§      Write a project proposal that clearly presents project ideas and implementation. Completed proposal will interest donors through a concise writing style, good structure and presentation, and contents that address donors’ priorities.


Each participant will be assisted by trainers to complete a proposal by the end of the training course. Representatives from funding agencies will read participants’ proposals and give feedback.







Ha Noi


11.000.000 VNĐ

(excluding food, accommodation and travel)


Training period :

6 days

23 – 28/4/2012