Fund Raising and Resource Mobilization  


Participating at the Fund raising  training course, the learners will be able to promote the visibility of their project/organisation and know how to find potential sponsorship, as well as to analyse elements that influence the sponsorship. The learners will have opportunities to practice skills to implement a successful fund raising.


Target groups of this training course are those staff who participate in fund raising, such as project coordinators, project staff, managers at partner institutions of development projects.


Participating this training course, the learners will be able to:


§    Identify donors appropriate to the projects;

§     Identify information of the donors that should be known, as well as elements (psychologically) that affect the sponsorship;

§      Practice writing concept paper;

§      Practice skills in promoting visibility of the project/organisation to have the donors persuaded;

§      Listen to the donors/fund raisers to share their experience and tips for success in fund raising.


The learners have many opportunities to: (i) Test success rate in fund raising through writing and sending the concept paper to potential donors and listen to their feedbacks right at the end of the course. (ii) The learners will also have opportunities to have their questions in difficulties in fund raising answered by donors or successful fund raisers.








Ha Noi


6.000.000 VNĐ (excluding food, accommodation and travel)



3 days

25 – 27/7/2012