Training for trainers  


This course provides participants with knowledge, methods and skills needed to design and deliver learner-centred training sessions. The knowledge, methods and skills gained by participants can also be applied to other work such as behaviour change communication, awareness raising and transfer of knowledge.


This course is designed for those who are responsible for managing and delivering capacity building activities, including training, workshops, study tours, coaching, communication and debriefing meetings.


During the training course, participants will:

  •  Apply learner-centred methods in training needs assessment, training design and implementation 
  •  Employ adult learning principles to motivate learners and facilitate their participation
  • Ensure the achievement of training objectives by using the Experiential Learning Cycle and creative methods such as role plays, games, story telling, case studies, drawing, workshopping, contesting and demonstration, etc
  • Effectively use communication skills such as observation, listening and questioning. These skills will help to increase learners’ interests and maximise their learning Develop professional and social skills by participating in role training
  • Analyse their own training abilities and those of others and identify solutions for improvement. During CECEM’s training course, participants can observe their practice through video records and receive feedback from the trainers and classmates, which helps to improve their analytical ability

 Participants will be able to improve training and communication skills through hands-on practice, in which they receive direct assistance from the trainers. At least 50% of the total training time is for exercises and practice. Practice time is scheduled during each training session and at the end of the training course.







Ha Noi


8.500.000 VNĐ

(excluding food, accommodation and travel)


Training period :

5 days

9 – 13/1/2012