Evaluation of customers  

Ms. Dương Thuỳ Nga

Project Officer - Oxfam Hongkong (OHK)

“For long, CECEM has become a familiar trademark to Oxfarm Hong Kong and its stakeholders in Hatinh. During its cooperation with CECEM, its beneficiaries and stakeholders have not only been professionally empowered, but also imparted with the devotion and commitment from its consultants.There for, Oxfarm Hong Kong would love to make CECEM its reliable fellow-passenger during its project cycle”.


Ms. Pamela Wright

Country Representative
Medical Committee Netherlands – Vietnam (MCNV)

“MCNV has been developing a very satisfying relationship of cooperation with CECEM over the past few years. We have appreciated especially the excellent training capacity with our staff and partners, who learn not only from the content but also from the active and stimulating methods used by the trainers. CECEM can also provide technical assistance for example for personnel management and for organisational analysis of partners. We plan not only to continue but to amplify the cooperation in the coming years”.


Ms. Tạ Bích Loan

Managing Director
Media channel for Youth (VTV6) - VietnamTelevision 

“…The training course on “State of the art Supervisory Management Skills” delivered by CECEM to the Media Channel for Youth - VTVT6 has brought up diversy of feelings. It is the involvement into which training sessions full of reality the trainees got hooked; it is their ” whole heartedly and wordlessly admiration at the trainers’ explanation and anlysis; it is their gratitude to all their gained knowledge, skills which will work well for management art.

And the tear in farewell session was shed extracted from the deepest gratitude from their hearts- it is humantarian emotion, sympath, sharing, confidence, gratitude that participants have devoted for one another, for CECEM trainers.

The CECEM delivered training has brought to the Media Channel for Youth not only knowledge, much more importantly, the Media Channel validate its vision, its missions unifying the values/norms the centre and its staff have been striving for,facilitating the centre to make its own organizational culture and managing style/system.

If i am asked to select just three words/phrases to describe CECEM, these are “devotion, seriousness and aspirational”.


Ms. Aya Matsuura

Gender Expert and Project Coordinator

“CECEM is an excellent development-related service provider committed to providing high quality products and outputs. The ILO/Japan Expansion Of Employment Opportunities for Women (EEOW) Vietnam worked with CECEM on several occasions and the service has been of high quality every time. They understood and addressed our needs by facilitating dialogue among various stakeholders, and their work has contributed to making positive change”.


Ms. Hà Tuyết Nhung

Education Programme Manager - ChildFund in Vietnam (CCF)

“Once your contract is signed with CECEM, you will definitely be provided with reliable service. CECEm always returns you with the product or outcome at your expectation. CECEM can support you with general strategic approaches working longterm for your program
In general, CECEM deserves “entrusting one’s body and souls”


Mr. Gideon Tesfai

Program Coordinator for Asia and Pacific - Norwegian Red Cross(NRC)

“CECEM is a bridge between cultures.
One of the biggest challenges international humanitarian organisations face in Vietnam and other countries is the lack of independent local consultants / resource persons who have the knowledge of both the local reality and the int'l partners' expectations for achieving impact in their partnership. CECEM is one of the few indigenous organisations I have come across which has proven that it can. CECEM is a bridge between cultures”.